Principles:  principles are fundamental truths either stated or implied in any passage of Scripture.

Ex.:  Human beings are totally depraved.

Ex.:  God’s righteousness demands righteousness from each Christian life.


Each dispensation may have principles related to it specifically, but a principle valid in one dispensation does not guarantee its validity in another dispensation.


Ex.:  Tithing was a principle of giving under the Mosaic Law, but tithing is not a principle of giving during the Church Age.


Promises:  promises are God’s guarantees

Ex.:  God promises to save the person who believes in Jesus Christ.

Ex.:  God promises to reward those who serve Him properly.


Be careful.  A promise to Israel may not be a promise to the Church.  A promise to Abraham may not be a promise to Christians.


Doctrines:  doctrines are data that has been accumulated and categorized by subject matter

Ex.:  The Doctrine of Sin

Ex.:  The Doctrine of Hell

Ex.:  The Doctrine of Salvation

Ex.:  The Doctrine of Giving

Ex.:  The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit


Pick a subject.  Begin in Genesis and end in Revelation, gathering all that the Bible has to say on that subject, and the result is a category of doctrine on that subject.


Techniques:  techniques are “how-to’s”

Ex.:  How to become saved

Ex.:  How to confess post-salvation sins

Ex.:  How to faith-rest

Ex.:  How to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil

Ex.:  How to become like Christ in His humanity


God’s intended results cannot be achieved in the life of anyone who distorts the decreed “how-to.”