Possible Title:  Discipline in the Christian Environment

Introductory Comments: 

The content of this page is a collection of documents I have written over a period of time while seeking God's guidance for the proper order and content of a book that seeks to establish the relationship between the Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) developed by William T. Powers, the Responsible Thinking Process® (RTP®) developed by Ed Ford, and the Bible.  It is my considered opinion that both PCT and RTP are founded in biblical principles.  In an attempt to bring my thoughts together, I find myself doing the same thing as did L.S. Chafer in his 8 volumes of Systematic Theology -- redundancy, redundancy, and redundancy.  Chafer's eight volumes were later edited and the redundancy was removed--much to my displeasure and much to the detriment of the thought processes that went into the points that Chafer made in the expanded version.  While cheaper to print and purchase, the two volume set left much to be desired in determining Chafer's thought processes that led him to his doctrinal statements and conclusions.  So, I am stating on the front-end that what appears to be redundancy--and perhaps is--is calculated to be just that--redundancy, and the purpose of this redundancy is to show the path of reasoning that has led me to my doctrinal statements and conclusions.

My recommendation to you is not to get caught up in the redundancy so as to miss the point being made through redundancy.  That would result in "not-seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees."  I once preached an evangelistic sermon with the larger part of my extended family present.  Throughout the course of my message,  I continually made a grammatical blunder by saying, "It is Him . . . It is Him . . . It is Him."  At the conclusion of the service, I was greeting the congregation at the exit door, and a favorite Uncle of mine, and a much shorter man in physical stature, reached up and pulled my head down and gently whispered in my ear, "Learn to say, 'It is He, not it is Him.'"  My thought over all these ensuing years has been, "I wonder if that's all he heard?"  He could very possibly have missed heaven because he couldn't see the forest-for-the-trees.  Please, don't allow redundancy to cause you to miss-the-forest because you can see past the trees.

As chapters are added to this document on its way to becoming a book, editing will occur, information will be added, and perhaps some deleted; however, until then, take to heart that which I have written, and if you have any questions, please e-mail me brettell@brettell.org or call me at 501-690-8746 (cell).  If you happen have the free downloadable "SKYPE" program, downloadable from www.skype.com, catch me on-line and we'll chat awhile.

Thanks for your interest in my ministry and the things I have written for the edification of the body of Christ.

Resting in Him,

Dr. Jim

Discipline in the Christian Environment


Chapter 1:  The Existence of Absolutes

Chapter 2:  The Big Picture

Chapter 3:  Total Depravity

Chapter 4:  God Ordains Freedom

Chapter 5:  Freedom:  Licentious or Responsible

Chapter 6:  Freedom:  the Home Environment

Chapter 7:  When the Train Leaves the Station

Chapter 8:  Punishment vs. Discipline

Chapter 9:  PCT and the Bible

Chapter 10:  RTP and the Bible

Chapter 11:  Two Systems of Consequences

Chapter 12:  PCT & RTP:  Old-Man, New-Man

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